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Vegas Buffet Coupons – Know Before You Go

To see the current list of buffet deals, check out our Las Vegas hotel deals page, and check the “buffet” option under the Deal Perks filter.

Las Vegas buffet coupons are a great bet, but always keeps these tips in mind.

Las Vegas Buffet coupons are one of the most sought after items for Vegas travelers. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that the hotels offer room promotions that include complimentary buffets along with the hotel room. In fact, right now, over 15 of the most popular Las Vegas hotels are offering promotions that include free buffets.

These deals come around fairly frequently, but are particularly popular in slow times when the hotels are looking to fill up rooms. If you’re traveling to Las Vegas in the high summer or winter months (think June-July and December-February), you should definitely be able to scoop up a room at a great rate, along with a couple of free buffets. That said, like so many other things in Las Vegas, there can be a fair amount of fine print. Before your mouth starts salivating, consider these popular “gotchas” of complimentary Las Vegas buffet deals:

The “Gotchas” of Las Vegas Buffet Deals:

  • Minimum Stay Requirements – Rarely is there a room + free buffet deal that comes by without a minimum stay requirement. The standard stay requirement is 2 nights, although we’ve seen deals that require 3. Not too many people head to Las Vegas for one night, though, so it isn’t often an issue. It does, however, keep people from double-dipping on the buffet coupons by checking out and immediately re-checking in at the same hotel.
  • Meal Time Restrictions –  Sometimes, the buffet vouchers are only good for breakfast and lunch. The buffets usually have expanded menus at dinner and this restriction is an easy way to decrease the true value of the coupon. Las Vegas buffets at breakfast and lunch are still spectacular, however, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Still, you don’t want to wait in line to be seated at dinner, only to find out that your buffet coupon isn’t valid.
  • Maximum Value Restrictions – Buffet coupons might be limited by a maximum dollar value. If the cost of the buffet you’re attending is greater, you’ll be stuck with the difference. For example, the buffet packages released by the MGM Resorts hotels (ARIA, Bellagio, Circus Circus, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, New York New York, The Mirage, THEhotel and Vdara) usually limit the value of the coupon to something like $20. If you head over to the fantastic weekend brunch at ARIA, which costs $32.95, you’ll have to pay an additional $13 per person.
  • Gratuity – This isn’t really a “gotcha” as much as it is a friendly reminder. Las Vegas is a city of service, and it runs on tips. Buffet coupons never include gratuity. If you’re tipping 15% to your server, that can be a significant amount of money. Continuing the example of the $33 ARIA brunch buffet, you’ll have to add on another $5 for tip. Along with the previous $13 charge, you’re now at $18 extra, per person. Suddenly the “free buffet” coupon doesn’t seem so great.
  • Room Charge Requirement – Usually the buffet coupons are just a digital bullet point that is part of your hotel confirmation. That is to say, generally you aren’t given a physical coupon to present to the buffet cashier. Instead, you charge the buffet to your room, and the discount is applied when you check out. This usually isn’t a problem (and can be quite convenient), but you should always discuss the proper way to use the buffet discount with your check-in agent. Also, whenever you check out, make sure to review your bill to ensure the complimentary buffet has been applied. We’ve heard of people who signed off on their room bill, and didn’t realize the hotel still charged for the buffet until they got home.
  • Mandatory Resort Fees – Resort fees aren’t limited to deals that include complimentary buffet coupons, but they should be considered before booking a promotion. A hotel offering a free buffet might be also stick you with a nasty resort fee. It’s always important to include all resort fees when weighing the pros and cons of hotel deals. Some hotels charge them and some don’t, so make sure to investigate the specific resort fees of the hotel running the buffet promotion.

All of these points are important considerations, but that doesn’t mean you should turn your back on hotel promotions with free buffets! A lot of the offers include great, low room rates along with the complimentary buffet vouchers, making them real jackpots for room reservations. Beyond that, buffet deals are often linked up with sister hotels. For example, if you book a room + buffet deal at Caesars Palace, you can often use the voucher at the highly recommended Rio buffet! Or, just because you booked a budget friendly room at Luxor doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some great crab legs at ARIA’s fantastic buffet.

A final Las Vegas buffet coupon tip: Several hotels offer discounts that include resort credit, usually in the range of $50 – $100. Resort credit can be used nearly wherever you can charge something to your room. That includes buffets! If a hotel isn’t running a complimentary buffet promotion, a resort credit offer is just as good! It might even be a better deal, because the resort credit will never include any of the meal time restrictions described above!

Like the timeless Fountains of Bellagio or spectacular Cirque du Soleil shows, a Las Vegas buffet is a must for any Vegas itinerary. With that in mind, coupons and vouchers for complimentary buffets can really help make your trip a success. Just make sure to do your planning with these tips in mind. It’ll free your mind to concentrate on the important things at Las Vegas buffets, like the decision between carrot cake or apple pie. The last thing you want is to be complaining during your meal about how there is no such thing as a free lunch!

To see the current list of buffet deals, check out our Las Vegas hotel deals page, and check the “buffet” option under the Deal Perks filter.


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