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Tips for Navigating Vegas Strip Hotel Parking Garages

Not many hotels in Las Vegas have parking right outside the front door. This guide will help you navigate parking garages for popular resorts on The Strip.

Not many hotels in Las Vegas have parking right outside the front door. This guide will help you navigate parking garages for popular resorts on The Strip.

Access to and navigation of the Las Vegas Strip casino-hotel parking garages is an important concern for Vegas visitors who drive a vehicle. Las Vegas Blvd traffic at times presents a challenge to visitors who all desire to get to their next scheduled event at Strip hotels. Individual Strip hotel parking garages have varying capacities, distances to casino-hotel entrances, access from surrounding roadways, and ease of navigation once inside them. The best part about parking garages/lots is that they’re free to use.

All Strip hotel parking garages are accessible from Las Vegas Blvd and most are reasonably well-marked with “self-parking” signs for direction and navigation. During high-traffic conditions (which occurs with regularity), it can be time-consuming to access parking garages from Las Vegas Blvd. There are some alternate routes that can ease and speed up access to them.

Vegas visitors (particularly first-timers) who elect to drive should obtain a readable map and plan their driving route/s prior to hitting the roadways. Alternatively, use of a GPS system is available at most Las Vegas rental car companies as an option for those who don’t own one. In most cases, the best visual landmarks for initial driving access are the massive hotels themselves…they’re all easy to see from either the west or east sides of the Strip from the paralleling roads mentioned below.

Alternate Routes to Strip Parking Garages:

There are roadways that roughly parallel Las Vegas Blvd on both the east (Paradise, Koval, Reno/Giles, and Audrie) and west (Frank Sinatra and Industrial / Dean Martin) sides which can provide for speedier access to most garages. Tropicana, Harmon, Flamingo, Sands, Spring Mountain, and Sahara roadways all intersect /cross Las Vegas Blvd ( all oriented east and west directionally) and can provide for more convenient access to some Strip properties depending on traffic levels. Brief descriptions of alternate access routes to Strip hotels and their garages follows.

  • Bellagio – the only access to Bellagio’s garage is directly off Las Vegas Blvd. Take either Flamingo Rd (turn south on Las Vegas Blvd) or Harmon Avenue (turn north on Las Vegas Blvd) to Bellagio’s main entrance and parking garage that is well-marked.
  • Caesars Palace – Use Frank Sinatra from the west side and turn on Jay Sarno Way or Empire Drive to the parking garage.
  • Casino Royale – From the east side of the Strip, use Koval Lane to access either Winnick or Ida Avenues (if the ongoing Linq project construction allows); this casino is located between Harrah’s and the Venetian.
  • Circus Circus – Access their facility from the west side by turning east on Circus Circus Drive from Dean Martin Rd.
  • City Center – The best access to self-parking is from Harmon Avenue east of the Strip ( from either Koval or Paradise), which leads directly to City Center Place that fronts Aria. City Center can also be accessed from the west from either Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra, turning on Harmon and past the Vdara entrance, and a left turn on Las Vegas Blvd to City Center Place for self-parking.
  • Excalibur – Turn on Excalibur Way from Frank Sinatra from the west side of the Strip. From the east side, use Koval to Reno and cross Las Vegas Blvd at the light to Excalibur. When traffic levels permit, there are outdoor lots at Excalibur that can be accessed from eastbound Tropicana Avenue which runs immediately north of the property. These same routes can be used to access the Luxor parking facility.
  • Flamingo – Access their self-parking from the east side of the Strip off Audrie St. (via Flamingo or from Koval using Ida or Albert Rds.)
  • Harrah’s – Access their garage from the well-marked Koval Lane (lanes for Harrah’s and  Venetian access) or off Audrie Lane from Flamingo Rd.
  • Luxor – Use Frank Sinatra Rd from the west side and turn on Luxor Way. From the east side of the Strip, use Koval to Reno and cross Las Vegas Blvd at the light (similar access to Excalibur from the east side).
  • Mandalay Bay / Delano – From the west side, use Frank Sinatra to Mandalay Bay Rd and follow self-parking signs. From the east side, use Koval to Reno to Giles (actually all a single interconnecting route) that loops around to Las Vegas Blvd. directly across from the properties. Just cross the Strip at the light and look for self-parking signs. This east-side route can also be used to access Luxor and, eventually, Excalibur.
  • MGM Grand – There is direct access off Tropicana Ave.( fronts property directly to the south) to both valet and the parking garage at MGM Grand.From the east side, access is available from Koval and Audrie. It is a hike from their parking garage to the lobby desk.
  • Mirage – From the west side, use Industrial Rd (Dean Martin) to Pershing Avenue or use Spring Mountain Rd to Vegas Plaza Drive. When traffic allows, access directly off Las Vegas Blvd. is convenient.
  • Monte Carlo – From the west side, turn onto Rue De Monte Carlo from Frank Sinatra. Access is also possible by turning into the New York, New York entrance off Tropicana and traveling north until the road opens up into a parking lot from which Monte Carlo can be seen.
  • New York, New York – From the west side, turn onto Rue De Monte Carlo from Frank Sinatra and turn south near the back of the properties. Direct access is available from Tropicana just west of the Las Vegas Blvd intersection.
  • Paris – From the east side Koval/Audrie route, turn on Paris Drive.
  • Planet Hollywood – The best access is from the east side off Harmon Avenue to well-marked signs to self-parking.
  • The LINQ (formerly Imperial Palace) – This area is presently under construction but is accessible from the east-side Koval-Audrie routes behind the property.
  • Riviera – From Paradise Rd on the east side, turn west onto Riviera Blvd to access self-parking. There are some limited open lots fronting the property directly off Las Vegas Blvd near the Peppermill Restaurant if traffic conditions allow; just obey and follow all parking signs in these areas.
  • Stratosphere – the only parking garage access here is directly off Las Vegas Blvd. Drivers can avoid driving down the Strip by using Paradise Rd on the east side to Sahara and then right (north) a few hundred feet to the Strat’s self-parking garageon Baltimore Avenue. Alternatively, access Las Vegas Blvd from Sahara on the west side, turn left and left again on Baltimore Avenue.
  • Treasure Island – Take Spring Mountain Rd to Vegas Plaza Drive (just north and west of TI) to their self-parking facility.
  • Tropicana – The only access here is either from Las Vegas Blvd or from Tropicana Avenue. Self – parking is located near the valet area on the west end of the property near Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Venetian / Palazzo – Use Koval to Audrie route on the east side of the Strip. Koval has well-marked directional signs that lead to both Harrah’s and the Venetian. Direct access to the Palazzo parking facility is available off Spring Mountain Rd.
  • Wynn / EncoreUse Fashion Show Drive from west side, cross Las Vegas Blvd , and take a quick left to the Wynn garage. From the east side, use Sands Avenue from Koval or Paradise to access the Wynn garage. The only access to the Encore self-parking facility is off Las Vegas Blvd just north of the Wynn location.

General Parking Garage Tips :

  • Plan ahead / develop routes with maps / be aware of ongoing construction zones
  • Within the garages, park nearest the casino elevators even if it means parking on a higher level. Upper levels are almost always less crowded and most have elevators.
  • Some hotels ( for example Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, and Circus Circus) have exterior lots around the casino property that provide quicker, easier access when compared to their respective self-parking garages. This assumes that there are parking spaces available at outside lots during moderate crowd conditions.
  • Be prepared to walk varying distances on concrete ; wear comfy shoes
  • Always write down specific floor levels and parking areas (eg 3 A,B, or C) before entering properties; it’s easy to forget where vehicles were parked upon exit from the party or casino. Mentally note directions from the vehicle to the elevators or some other type of visual landmark to help locate cars upon exit.
  • Make certain all accessories and lights are off in vehicle – dead batteries won’t be fun.
  • Got your car keys?
  • Park away from corner parking spaces if possible and park properly within the lines (defensive driving moves) to avoid scrapes/dents from other drivers.
  • Some of the garages are difficult to navigate…focus on directional signs and arrows.
  • Some garages allow fairly convenient access to additional properties for those who might not want to walk to and re-park their vehicles at nearby locations. Check our previous article regarding hotel tram links that would make single parking at adjacent / nearby properties feasible through use of inter-hotel trams or the monorail.
  • Be safe – place valuables out of sight; ladies traveling alone might want to consider parking at the valet .

Visitors who tire of the parking garage loop during trips can always consider use of the free valet parking services provided they are not full. Tips are generally expected, but for a couple bucks it’s generally a shorter walk to the hotels / casinos, generally safer, and somehow makes visitors feel a tad more appreciated.


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