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Remembering The Riviera – 13 Fun Facts

The Riviera, 1955 - 2015

This week, the famous Riviera Hotel & Casino, one of The Strip’s most storied resorts, closed its doors. As exciting as it is to welcome new developments to the Las Vegas Strip, it’s also fun to look back on the histories of some of these long standing destinations. Here’s a list of fun facts about Riviera Las Vegas.

1. Riviera Las Vegas opened on Apirl 20, 1955. It had a phenomenal run of 60 years.

2. When it opened, the nine-story Riviera was the tallest building in Las Vegas

3. The hotel was built for just $10 million, equivalent to about $87 million today.

Liberace was the headlining act when The Riviera first opened in 1955

Liberace was the headlining act when The Riviera first opened in 1955

4. Liberace was the first featured performer at Riviera. He earned a whopping $50,000 per week (nearly $450,000 today). Other famous performers include Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Dean Martin, Liza Minelli, Joan Rivers, Frank Sinatra.

5. Frank Sinatra lived in a suite at The Riv during for a short time in the 1990s.

6. Several famous people have had part ownership in The Riviera, including Harpo and Gummo Marx as well as Dean Martin

7. The hotel is home to one of the longest-running shows on The Strip, Crazy Girls, which opened in 1987 (and is slated to be moved to Planet Hollywood following the hotel’s closing)

8. To promote Crazy Girls, The Riviera installed “No ifs, ands or…”, a bronze status depicting the production’s showgirls. Along with the show, the statue is moving to Planet Hollywood

9. The hit game show “Hollywood Squares” filmed its final syndicated season on the grounds of The Riviera

Many classic films have scenes that were shot at The Riviera.

Many classic films have scenes that take place at The Riviera.

10. The film has been featured in many movies, including the original Ocean’s Eleven, Casino, Showgirls, Vegas Vacation, Austin Powers and The Hangover

11. The Riviera filed for bankruptcy three times. The first happened just three months after opening!

12. The Riviera’s decline is partially attributable to a decrease in foot traffic to the northern part of The Strip, propelled by the closing of other longstanding hotels such as Stardust, New Frontier and Westward Ho.

13. The author of this post hit his first (and only) Royal Flush on a Riviera video poker machine

So long, Riviera!

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