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Mike Tyson’s Conan Interview – Undisputed Truth, Robin Givens, Brad Pitt

Mike Tyson appeared on Conan O’Brien last night, promoting the premiere of his much talked about one-man Las Vegas show in April at MGM Grand. Upon arrival, Mike Tyson had two gifts for Conan, including a t-shirt for the Undisputed Truth show (that Tyson himself adorned) and a “pimp cup” customized for Conan by good friend Bishop Don “Magic” Juan.

With that, the interview began on an unusual note, and the audience was only led deeper into the mysterious and baffling mind of Mike Tyson as things went on. After telling a story about getting away scot-free after a drunken encounter with a cop, Mike Tyson talked about an unexpected run-in with Brad Pitt amid hot pursuit of an affair with ex-wife Robin Givens. Here’s a quick clip of the tale:

It’s probably safe to say the appearance was something of a dry run for Tyson, who begins his show a week from Friday. While Tyson’s reinvented comedic persona shone through, the delivery seemed like a work in progress. It’s hard to fault the guy, though. It will take a couple of shows for him to really settle into his stories and find the best way to sell each one to the audience. In the end, the word is still out on the show’s success, but we’re still crossing our fingers for that live Phil Collins cover…

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