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MAACO Las Vegas Bowl (Hotel) Picks – ASU vs. No. 7 Boise State

Congratulations to both Arizona State and Boise State in being picked for the MAACO Las Vegas bowl on December 22, 2011. The game will be televised on ESPN starting at 5:00 p.m PST. Even though the Broncos were (rightfully) hoping to cap their 11-1 season with a trip to a BCS bowl game, we’re happy to have them back for a second year. On the other side of the field, ASU is heading to Las Vegas with a 6-6 record in what will be Coach Erickson’s final game with ASU.

Planning a last minute vacation to watch your team compete in the 2011 MAACO Las Vegas bowl? We compiled a quick list of our picks of the best hotel deals for December 21-23. Several of the hotels are currently offering a promotion that includes two free buffets with the price of your room. For December 21-23, Excalibur is running this promotion for just $25 per night! Valuing each buffet at $20 means you can head to Las Vegas for the MAACO bowl and grab a hotel for an incredible $5 per night! That’s perfect for students on a budget or fans who broke the bank for those incredible seats!


Here are our top hotel picks for the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl (Dec. 21-23):


A few quick tips:

  1. Every deal listed above is offered directly by the relevant hotel and is fully refundable if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance.
  2. If you aren’t sure whether you’re going to the game, lock in a rate now and cancel if you decide not to go.
  3. If you have a favorite hotel that isn’t listed here, you can always sort through our complete list of hotel deals, but we think these deals will be pretty tough to beat.

Good luck to you and your team on December 22!


  1. Thanks for posting these! As an FYI for everyone else – the bowl’s website lists Hardrock and Mandalay Bay for $118 and $110, respectively, for dec 21-23. No free buffets though.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Josh. Those are two good options. Hard Rock, like the stadium, is East of The Strip, so it might make your ride to the game a little easier.

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