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Louis Theroux’s Gambling in Las Vegas

Louis Theroux is an amazing documentarist (easily my favorite) who usually dabbles in more taboo subjects.  A while ago, he did a documentary about Las Vegas for the BBC.  In it, Louis follows around several high rollers.  Their personalities and backgrounds are diverse, ranging from a “whale” brought in by a personal host, to a local woman who lost $4,000,000 (yes, 6 zeros) over the course of seven years.

If you have seen any of Theroux’s work before, you’re familiar with his quaint “likable” attitude while balancing severe undertones of sarcasm and even condescension.  It makes for a perfect mix, as he really brings into question some of the potential pitfalls of Las Vegas.  From asking how much fun a gambler his having when down $250,000 to questioning a woman’s son on how he feels about his lost inheritance, Louis is a master at pushing the envelope without coming off too hard.

In the end, Louis really brings to light some important aspects and questions with the Las Vegas culture.  I think the main take-away here is simply: Have fun in Las Vegas.  Set a budget, stick to it, and never let Sin City get the best of you.

If you have a little time to kill, enjoy a 20 minute clip of Theroux’s work, Gambling In Las Vegas.

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