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Las Vegas Shows Playing Musical Chairs in 2012

Miss America Pageant Contestants at Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular

2012 Miss America Pageant Contestants attend "Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular". The production, set to close in September, joins a long list of shows making moves in 2012. (Photo: Vartan Boyajian)

Recently, it was announced that another major production on the Las Vegas Strip will take its final bow in 2012. September 2nd, 2012 will mark the last crashing of the $5 million chandelier prop for Venetian’s “Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular”.┬áThe show is an abbreviated version of the long running Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Although every bit as grandiose as its Broadway counterpart, the Las Vegas Phantom runs just 95 minutes. This allows for the demanding two-per-night performance schedule subscribed to by so many Las Vegas theaters.

Addressing the announcement of the production’s closing, Lloyd Webber stated, “The Las Vegas production of Phantom took all of the classic elements of the show and added unique aspects that created a whole new experience. It enjoyed remarkable success in Las Vegas, was enjoyed by millions of fans and proved that a timeless love story told in a fantastic theater will always be in vogue.”

Chalking up nearly 2,700 performances over a six years, Phantom’s run is widely regarded as a huge success in the realm of Las Vegas shows. This is a difficult feat in Las Vegas, a city that will play a big game of musical chairs with its entertainment options over the next year.

Last November, it was announced that Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil, a show running at Aria Las Vegas, will close by the end of 2012. The show, which only opened two years ago, premiered to mediocre reviews. Despite an extremely talented cast, the production left audiences members unfulfilled. Despite over the top costumes and dance numbers, the show has a tough time honing in the spirit of the most iconic performer ever to grace Las Vegas.

With the King of Rock exiting stage right, however, the King of Pop is waiting in the wings. Michael Jackson’s Cirque du Soleil performance, IMMORTAL, enjoyed a wildly successful run at Mandalay Bay in December and January. The show is poised be a huge hit when it takes residency at Mandalay Bay in 2013. With the

Here’s a quick summary of some of the major entertainment shake ups happening on The Strip this year:

  • Lion King – Long running Mandalay Bay production took its final bow in December, to be replaced by…
  • Michael Jackson’s THE IMMORTAL – Wildly successful Cirque du Soleil tribute show to take permanent residency at Mandalay Bay in 2013
  • Viva Elvis – Short-lived Elvis / Cirque du Soleil tribute show at MGM’s banner property, Aria, to close in 2012
  • Barry Manilow – Last show inside Paris Showroom in December 2011. Rumored to return to a different Vegas theater after a worldwide tour in 2012. His exit makes way for…
  • Jersey Boys – Left Palazzo on January 1, 2012. Walking (like a man) down The Strip to Paris where it is set to reopen in March
  • Blue Man Group – The curious boys in blue will march to the beat of a different drum when they leave The Venetian and head down to Monte Carlo in 2012.
  • Absinthe – Opening to rave reviews in the Spring of 2011, Absinthe is renewed in October for what is expected to be a year-long stint at Spiegelworld outside Caesars Palace

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