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Las Vegas Gambling Superstitions

Along with baseball players, the Las Vegas gambling set is widely considered to be one of the most superstitious crowds around. Whether it’s setting the dice to a lucky number at the craps table, carrying around lucky charm, or ritualistically selecting the slot machine that will pay out big bucks, everyone has a unique way of getting a leg up on the odds.

In honor of today, the very unlucky Friday the 13th, here are some fun and crazy superstitions that are popular in Las Veags. Stick to this list of rules and you’re sure to have lady smiling down on you during your trip.

  • Always enter the casino through a side entrance
  • Never, ever sleep on the 13th floor of a hotel (in fact, most Las Vegas hotels don’t even have a 13th floor…just 11, 12, 14, 15 and so on)
  • Don’t count your chips at the table.
  • Wear red
  • If at a wooden table, sit in a way that the grain of the wood will align with the way your cards lay
  • Never whistle
  • Don’t sit cross-legged. You will cross out any luck
  • Do not accept $50 bills from the cage when you cash out. (This one baffles us. Why all the hate for Mr. Grant when you’ve already finished gambling?)
  • Don’t touch a gambler on the shoulder
  • First time female gamblers are great luck to be around. First time males are awful!
  • Never sit down at a slot machine that is showing a winning combination
  • If the dice are thrown off the craps table, the next roll will have terrible luck
  • Never say “seven” or throw the dice with a seven facing up after a craps point is established

There you have it. Pack your lucky rabbit’s foot and head to Las Vegas. Just know that you’re no longer allowed to blame luck if you still lose your shirt!

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