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Everyone who has ever gambled in a Las Vegas hotel knows about the cocktail waitresses that come around, enticing you to keep gambling by offering free drinks.  What’s the price of a gin and tonic to them when you sit at the blackjack table for another half hour enjoying a drink (or worse, gamble irresponsibly from inebriation)?  What’s it matter to you though?  You came to Vegas to have a great time.  Free drinks?  A win-win situation.

To be more succinct, while the drinks are free, the service is not.  Cocktail waitresses/waiters (don’t worry Rio, I didn’t forget about your male servers), work hard and expect a tip.  Now, I’ll be the first to say that tips should not be something seen as a guarantee.  To Insure Prompt Service, right?  Given that, though, I would be hard pressed to find an instance when a cocktail waitress didn’t deserve a tip.  These people work long, hard hours on their feet (often in high heels)!  The question that comes then, is how much are we supposed to tip these waitresses?  Well, if you want the facts straight from the horse’s mouth, just listen to Dollie, a cocktail waitress gone webmaster over at

While her site doesn’t look too fancy, Dollie has pages and pages on everything you could possibly want to know about the job of a cocktail waitress.  Many pages of the site are pretty useful, giving you tips on how to tip the waitresses, what they expect from you, and what you should expect from them.  Other pages such as “who orders what?” and her frequently asked questions have a lighter, sometimes comical tone.  Check out her site, and enjoy the free drinks!

With that, have you ever been at a casino just waiting and waiting for that cocktail waitress to come?  Well, if you plan on staying for awhile, and you’re sitting at a machine (I’m not sure how well this would work at a table, as their rounds seem to be better defined), give the cocktail waitress a large tip when she brings you your first drink.  More often than not, they’ll be back around before you can finish your first drink.  For additional drinks, just go back down to something more normal (say, $1).  It’s really amazing what a nice gesture on the first drink can do!

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